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My Current Music Obsessions

Listen to these fun jams while going about your day – you will be better for it!

I always need a catchy soundtrack to keep myself motivated, especially when I’m doing something like writing a research protocol or grant application, trying to motivate myself to go for a run, or simply vacuuming the house. I’m loving the great soul and old-school-ish R&B music that’s having a moment right now, so here are some of my current faves (with the caveat that the 3 of 4 below that I have seen live were MUCH better live than on studio recording):


Alabama Shakes – NBD, but I saw them live before their first album came out in 2012, and Brittany Howard is my spirit animal. Now that they have won 4 Grammys, I’m excited for more people to hopefully hear them, though I think my peak experience of their music will have been seeing them in a small club in Baltimore.

Brittany Howard Alabama Shakes

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats – I saw them live at Tipitina’s in NOLA last year and did SO MUCH DANCING. They have the catchiest song about alcoholism that you could ever want to jam out to.

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats Tipitina's

Leon Bridges – Accidentally crashed a wedding in Stanley Park in Vancouver last fall and they played “Coming Home” at the end. That’s when I knew those crazy kids just might make it, because I approved of the song!


(I don’t have a picture to go along with this story/artist, because as much as I wanted to, it felt creepy to sneak around and take pictures of someone else’s wedding!)


St Paul and the Broken Bones – I saw them live twice in 6 months last year, once including a cameo with Chef Emeril Lagasse on guest snare drum. Put on your boogie shoes and listen to Paul and the boys wail!

St Paul and the Broken Bones Emeril

Not sure why Emeril looks purple…


What music do you listen to for motivation or to keep your day fun? I’m always looking for new bands to enjoy!


Meghan’s Word
Sarah clearly wins the music fanatic of the century award, as far as I’m concerned. She lives for music and can’t handle driving for more than one second with a commercial or song she’s not into on the radio. Lucky for me, there’s usually too much screaming going on from the three carseats in the back to be able to tell if a crappy song or commercial is on the radio. If only Sarah had musical talent, she would totally be a rock star. Until then, she could definitely be a backup dancer.