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Meghan and I are very lucky. We are sisters born almost exactly 3 years apart, and despite almost sharing a birthday, and a significant portion of our DNA, we are very different people.

Venn diagram


We never had to compete for our parents’ attention, because they were adamantly 50/50 devoted to our upbringing and equally over-involved in everything we did. Besides the time our grandpa was sick with cancer, they never missed a game, performance, meet, or competition in which either of us participated. This allows us to easily maintain distinct identities within our lives while simultaneously being the best of friends and understanding each other better than almost anyone else on earth could.

Two of our overlapping interests are reading and writing, and though we also generally share a sense of humor and appreciation for sarcasm, our lists of favorite authors and books have no common elements. We were raised by a sci-fi and fantasy loving father who read us “The Hobbit” from the earliest times of our childhood, and a middle school English teaching mother who read us “Summer of the Monkeys” by Wilson Rawls a chapter at a time before bed in elementary school. We also always loved English classes all through school, and competed in Ready Writing at the district UIL scholastic meets each year.


We weren't brainwashed by our dad to be Texas Aggies at all
We weren’t brainwashed by our dad to be Texas Aggies at all

Somewhere along the way, “adulting” has taken away much of the time we used to devote to these pursuits, and we decided to take back the control. By consciously making the priority to read and write each day, we hope to take time for ourselves to strengthen our own sanity in our daily lives, as well as share with others the things that make us laugh, or cry, or reconsider the world in some way. Thanks for joining us on this journey, and be sure to subscribe and follow us for updates in the sidebar or on the Follow Us┬ápage!



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