About Sarah and Meghan

Sarah is your average people-pleaser/over-achiever with commitment issues – more specifically, a pediatrician who keeps specializing and getting more degrees while moving 17 times since graduating from high school. She is interested in infectious diseases, public health, and global child health within the field of medicine, but spends every spare moment outside of work traveling to new places, photographing nature and wildlife, listening to music, catching up on TV shows and movies, and generally living it up in the New Orleans area. She loves being an aunt to Meghan’s three crazy little guys, and has always wanted a pet dog but can’t seem to live in 1 place long enough to warrant getting a pet.


Meghan is an over-analyzing introvert who runs to tame her crazy. She is a wife and a boymom x 3, so there’s a lot of taming to do. She is a teacher/librarian-turned-SAHM who loves books, the outdoors, the smell of bleach, The Middle, and not being a Pinterest Mom. She and her honey dream of returning to the country life of their childhoods, where they can raise livestock and the boys can pee in the front yard without neighbors around to question the Morans’ parenting skills.


Sarah Meghan Venn Diagram

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